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Reiki Master Teacher Hands

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Taught by

Marianne Schneider

Coming Soon

For this Reiki Master Teacher Training, you must have been practicing Reiki level 2 for several months to take this Reiki Master Teacher Course. Most people know when the time is right for them.  This is a spiritual opening along your path.  It requires only that you be open to the next step and be willing to be in your center of power.


In this Reiki Master Teacher Training you will learn:

What does it mean to be a healer and a Reiki Master Teacher.

What does it mean to hold space and how you hold  space for yourself, friends and clients.

You will learn how to give a level 1, 2 & 3 attunement.  A very powerful ceremony that helps others

to open up  on their own path.  Even if you choose not to teach, learning the ceremony of passing an attunement is a powerful and insightful tool.

What to teach in a Reiki Class

Meditation to meet your Reiki guides

You will receive you master’s attunement along with several new healing symbols.

Plus much more!

Even if you do not plan to teach in the future, but you are wanting to take the next step on your path, then this class is for you.  It is a spiritual opening to the universal energies that you have been working with in a new and different way.

All materials are provided along with hands on training.

This is an investment of $425.00 (payment plans available)

There is a $75.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.  When you make your deposit, you are  making a commitment to each class, to furthering yourself and your spiritual education.  We will begin to prepare your manual and meditate on what is needed for you in this class.  We are committing to each other as teachers and student.

 Please register here or call/text Marianne at 530-448-4220

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