Working with the Lunar Cycles

Fall 2017

When we learn to work with the energies of  the lunar cycles it allows us to flow more naturally through our lives.  These classes will help you begin to move with the flow of creation and release.  They will help you to see why certain things are happening and what your power points are through each month.

Thank you Journey to the stars

In this series of Working with the Lunar Cycles we will start with the energy of the new moon on March 8th, New Moon Ritual – Using manifestation, we will teach you how to write and grow your intentions for the next lunar cycle.

March 15th – Waxing Moon Ritual – as the moon grows we will teach you how to grow and add energy to the intentions from the week before with candle magic!

March 22nd –  working with the energy of the full moon.  Full Moon Ritual – In this class we will be making a magical mixture that you can bring home with you to bring blessings to many aspects of your life.  We will also be doing some meditative exercises to balance the sometimes overwhelming energy of the full moon.

March 29th working with the energies of the waning moon and the dark of the moon. Waning Moon Ritual – we will be letting go of the things that no longer serve you, emotionally physically, mentally and spiritually through a Thurible fire.

We will also discuss the Dark of the moon, how to tap into the void and how to work with this energy through meditation.

You will receive handouts for each class so that you can do these at home.  All materials are provided.

This is an investment of $125.00.

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