Raindrop Technique Workshop

September 2017

Raindrop oils


Come and learn Raindrop technique! In this class you will receive your own Raindrop Kit a $170.00 value to use in and out of class. Each kit includes 9 Young Living essential oils, a 8 oz bottle of v6 blended massage oil and a 8 oz bottle of Ortho Ease massage oil.
You will learn about each of the oils and the emotional, mental and physical components that it helps. You will learn Raindrop technique itself, which includes certain hand movements and techniques to allow the oils to do their best work on the body.
After learning about the oils and a verbal guide to the session, Marianne will demonstrate on a live subject and allow you to learn and practice each technique in the morning session.
In the afternoon session you will be able to partner up and practice on a guest! Hands on training is the best way to learn.
Marianne blends her’ Raindrop with Reiki and light massage and will teach you how she does it, however you don’t need to know either to learn this wonderful relaxation technique that can be used any time.
Raindrop works on many levels to bring balance and harmony to the body. It can bring a state of complete relaxation and bliss. Improving muscle tension, mental chatter, removing emotional & energetic blockages, all through the use of certain hand techniques, 9 essential oils and hot compresses on the back and feet.  Raindrop also works on the immune system, spinal alignment, the lymphatic system, detoxification and more.
This class is a $300.00 investment and you will walk away with your own Raindrop Oils Kit a value of $177!