Transform with 12 Days of  Gratitude & Reiki

December 10th – December 21st 2019

Do you feel, lost, scattered, overwhelmed or like you just are not in the flow of your life?   Have you been feeling like your life is out of your control and things just happen to you?  

Do you want to gain control of your reality and become the master of your dreams come true?  Then this is your starting point to creating the life you want to manifest.

In this simple, easy and fun course, you will be able to shift your reality, find joy in your every day life and feel like you are in the flow.  You will be creating and bringing back in abundance, prosperity, joy and freedom.  

It is a truth that you can’t be happy and sad in the same moment. If you can shift your perspective for more than 17 seconds then you can shift your point of attraction, your mood, your outlook on life. – From the teachings of Abram – Hicks.
By bringing ourselves into gratitude and appreciation each day, we are able to help ourselves stay in balance, in harmony and at an elevated emotion.  When things happen that are out of our control, we are able to shift quickly back into a place of receivership with the practice of gratitude and appreciation.
“Give thanks for a new life before it’s made manifest, for the emotional signature of gratitude means the event has already happened. The longer you linger in gratitude the more you draw your new life to you. For gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza – Changing your Beliefs meditation from “The Placebo”

December 10th – December 21st 2019

What you will receive:

Morning Group Distance Reiki Sessions – a Value of $333.00

Morning email with inspiration and things to focus on for that day.  These include thought-provoking concepts, inspirational video’s by Louise Hay, Will Smith, Dr. Joe Dispenza and more.  They will be your guidance on this journey to create the life you want to manifest.  Giving you tools that you will be able to carry forward and shifting who you are as a person.  These are your’s to keep and allow you to go at your own pace.  – a value of $99.00

Each evening you will take time to write in your journal. This is your time to capture your appreciation based on your inspiration for the day.  This isn’t just a time to say “I’m grateful for this, I’m grateful for that.” Marianne will teach you how to truly create a genuine gratitude and appreciation practice. This will help transform who you were into the brilliant being you are. – Value is priceless

When we create a practice of gratitude and appreciation, it will allow you to generate time for yourself to reflect and be present. It will also allow a space for creation of a new outlook and manifestation of the life you would like.  This will affect All areas of your life in a positive way.  It allows you to change in ways you cannot imagine. – Value is a lifelong tool.

Investment in yourself of $57.00

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Why is it 12 days?  The number 12 is actually a 3 in numerology 1+2=3.  The number 3 is a very powerful number.  Things come to us in 3’s.  It is a number of manifestation and abundance.  It is representative of body, mind and spirit.

What is Distance Reiki and how does it work?  Check out this short blog post on how distance energy works:)

Why do we add Reiki in to the process? Who wouldn’t want to start the day, grounded and centered!  This is a great way to do something for yourself and just receive, for 12 whole days!  It also helps you to integrate down to the cellular level as well as the spiritual level.