Marianne Schneider Reiki Master & Teacher
Marianne Reiki MasterMarianne has been involved with the energetic world most of her life, and became a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner in 2003. She received her Usui Master Teacher Reiki attunement in 2006 following 3 years of hands on study. Since then, she has added in Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher as well as Shamanic Training and much more.

Blending Reiki with many other modalities Marianne has created a unique healing practice. She opened her full-time practice in 2010 and has since combined Reiki Tahoe with Fifth Element Healing Center.
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  • "Oh how I love the energy work that I get to do with Marianne!  My first Reiki session with Marianne was close to 4 years ago.  I was so excited for my visit and my session was nothing short of life changing.  I had recently gone through a bad breakup and was dealing with some pretty big health issues. I wasn't in a very good place to say the least.   When my session was over I felt an enormous weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I could breathe again and the calming energy I had felt incredible. I had a cleansing of my mind, body and soul. After that experience I was hooked.  Since then I try to visit Marianne every time I make to the Tahoe area, which isn't nearly enough. 🙂 While I was up in Tahoe City last summer I had a session with Marianne and was thrilled to learn that she does remote sessions.  I was interested in having energy work done more often than once or twice a year but really trusted Marianne and didn't want to have to search for a new healer.  She let me know how the process works and I was excited to have my first session. Over the past year I've had several remote sessions with Marianne and they've all been impactful and have provided significant insight as to what was going on in my life and suggestions for how I might want to approach different changes I was seeking.  It has allowed me to take pauses in my life and get centered and balanced.  It's amazing to me how well this works remotely and I'm so grateful for the healing that can be done with Marianne.  I typically set an alarm on my phone to remind me of my session time and I always make sure to take a few deep breaths and smile knowing that great work is about to be done. I'm looking to make a move to the east coast and am happy to know that I can continue my Reiki sessions with Marianne no matter where I am in the world.  I highly recommend this option if you can't be with Marianne for an in-person session. I'm so grateful for being able to continue to blessed by the healing energy Reiki provides me in my life and to have such a wonderful friend to help guide me through it all. To quote Marianne....In light and love."

    Amy - Southern California

  • "I had the pleasure of meeting Marianne for an in-person Reiki session while on travel to Lake Tahoe last summer. I’d heard of distance Reiki but had always been skeptical to try it. In my first moments with Marianne it was clear to me she’s the “real deal” and I experienced profound results from my very first session. After returning home I decided to give distance Reiki a try. For the first session we scheduled I set the time aside to lie down still, clear my mind and breathe as she worked. After the session she sent me a summary which was spot on in so many ways I could hardly believe it. Every distance session I’ve had with Marianne has resulted in significant progress for me personally, whether through revelations from the session or direction she has given me to follow as a result of what she picked up. I don’t really understand how or why it works but in each session she seems to tune right into where I am and what I’m working through in my life at that time. I’ve long been a hard core, left brain, pragmatist but I’ve come to accept that just because I can’t understand or define something does not make it any less real. Marianne comes with my highest recommendation."

    Jen - Alabama

  • Marianne is an extraordinary teacher, Healer and guide.  Great place for rich experiences in ceremony, healing modalities and for general well being.  I have been seeing Marianne for several years now.  I am beyond grateful for the guidance and wisdom I have received from Marianne.  She has such a loving and comforting presence, and her connection to spirit and angels is undeniable.  I have taken many of her workshops, and have found profound shifts that have completely change my life for the better.  If your struggling with something and or are needing help.  She is the ultimate resource, she truly is a gift of light, I highly recommend Marianne for those of you who are curious to experience the gift of reiki or other healing modalities or you have had the opportunity to receive the gift, you won't be disappointed.

    Bertha - Kings Beach, CA

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  • Anger Vs. Love

    We are living in interesting times these days. There are events and people in the world who make us question humanity. They make us question who we are and how could we be part of someone or something who acts out of anger, hatred or other low vibrations. They make us feel the separateness in the world. How can we, all be part of something greater, yet think so differently from one another. Act so differently than one another. As those who walk a spirit led path, we are taught that oneness is ecstasy. To be that connected in with source and all that is. Don't get me wrong, it is ecstasy. However, we are living in a 3D reality in which we are here to experience a wide range of emotions. We are here to experience the highs and the lows. We are here to transcend back to this state of "oneness" from the idea of separateness. More often than not, in this reality, we come from a place of separateness. Every time we choose anger, we have separated ourselves from those we are angry at. This separateness makes us think that we are different, that we are better because we don't act that way. The funny thing is, that we have this illusion within our anger that we are connected to those who also choose to be angry along with us. We think, because we commiserate with others who are also angry that we are coming together. Think about how you feel when you are angry. You feel hot, bothered, like everything sucks and no one could possibly truly understand what you are feeling. You are separated from everyone and everything, even those who are angry alongside of you. Your heart feels closed and hard. Your chest feels tight and your stomach hurts. However, when we choose love, every part of love, giving it and receiving it. when we choose to keep our hearts open and embrace the world around us. We feel connected, we feel like we can make a difference, we feel hope for humanity and we feel that oneness. There can be no darkness if there is even just one spark of light. Remember that statement... There can be no darkness if there is even just one spark of light! Think about that... I know that I can be a spark of light. I can shine brightly, so that others anger and sadness, melts away in my presence. I can choose to continue on the path of love because as long as just one person can hold that light, then there is still hope for a better world. There is still hope that love will transcend. There is still a knowing that things will get better. Be that spark of light for those around you. Stand up for love. Reflect what you would like your world to be. Like those who have stood up before you: Gandhi, Martin Luthur King, Mother Theresa and so many more who chose to embrace love. In love and light, Marianne